People have asked me to share what I know. I take this as a good sign.

What’s interesting is the range of audiences I’ve been invited to address. I’ve spoken to academics and students at various universities, storytellers at TEDx, media types at The Media Festival and Power to the Pixel, games industry pros at Develop and the Edinburgh Interactive Festival, and writers at the Immersive Writing Lab and on courses for Arvon for a week at a time. I’ve also mentored transmedia teams in Australia and the UK, offered survival tips at the London Screenwriters’ Festival, talked about interactive drama at StoryWorld in Hollywood, helped writers use social media to tell stories, run workshops for media lecturers in Singapore, talked about new types of storytelling in Switzerland (alongside George RR Martin), and mixed advertising and stories at the Cannes Lions. With Mediamorfosis, I gave talks about transmedia in Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay.

Then there was the time I defended zombie rights at an event about the apocalypse, but that was somewhat unusual.

Almost everything I do involves collaboration, so it makes sense that I enjoy sharing ideas and helping creative people. That also means I’m much happier talking with people than at them, so get in touch if you’d like to chat.