Live Writing Series

Building on the technology and experience gained during 100 Hours of Solitude, I wanted to give new writers and audiences the chance to experience live writing.

This is writing as performance, where the author takes requests and improvises a new piece of literature as the audience watches, in a public venue and also online.

The Live Writing Series saw seven events in seven venues with seven writers. The writers were magnificent, including in their number Gemma Seltzer, Molly Naylor, Jacob Sam-La Rose and Sarah Butler. And the venues were spectacular too, taking in the National Portrait Gallery, the Southbank Centre, the Jewish Museum, the Deptford Lounge, the Roundhouse and the Woolfson & Tay bookshop.

The whole thing was backed by the Arts Council of England and happened in October-December 2013.

If you couldn’t make it down to one of the venues, you could watch online as each event happened and even send in your own suggestions for the writers to improvise around.