Emergency SubNET

Produced as a way of promoting the Channel 4 show Afterworld, this project is effectively a standalone prequel series. While Afterworld tells the story of an apocalyptic event in New York, our story follows Maia, a British girl in London, as she deals with the aftermath of the same event.

The story is mainly told through the online video messages posted by Maia to the SubNET, an emergency network activated by the British government in case of disaster.

Her posts were released in reverse chronological order, day by day for a month, leading the viewers back towards Day 0 – at which point Afterworld began broadcast on Channel 4.

The audience could also access some rather gorgeous extra videos if they could work out a password which was hinted at each week.

Emergency SubNET was produced by Hi-Res and it remains an important part of the Afterworld mythology. Some viewers have said they prefer it to the series itself.