Some stories work best when they come at the audience from different angles. By using multiple media, you can surprise people and give characters an added dimension.

I’ve had the chance to experiment with a huge range of media, from the high-tech to the highly unlikely. Xi used a games console as the main way of interacting. Thinking Aloud combined live performance and audio drama. Perplex City used just about every medium imaginable. And I’ve even tweeted in Turkish in the name of one of the world’s most famous sportsmen.

I worked on a series of four site-specific plays tied together by a live online diary; a GPS-enabled choose-your-own-adventure where the story changes direction depending on where the listener walks; and a live online writing marathon where the world could watch as I wrote.

When you get an audience involved like this, you can really change the way they see the world. That’s the power of a good story well told.