Some Change

Some Change

Some Change is a Choose Your Own Adventure game played out on the streets of Folkestone. 45 large vinyl stickers tell a story that you read by walking along the pavement, making choices or trusting to fate by flipping a coin.

The project was created by a class of Year 8 students at Folkestone Academy, working with their teacher and me over six two-hour classes. The students, taught by Kelly Peters, were Yasmine Bikarova, Aneta Cizkova, Denisa Surmajova, Liliana Tamasova and Jan Tancos.

The story is inspired by topics in their English curriculum (chiefly the graphic novel of Dracula and a story about homelessness called Stone Cold).

The 25 square metres of artwork were designed by Spela Strukelj, and printed and installed by the magnificent Ian, Doug and Dale of The Sign Shop.

It was all part of the Folkestone Book Festival funded by the Creative Foundation, who also manage the Quarterhouse where some of the game’s development took place.