Petra's Planet

Petra’s Planet

Petra’s Planet was a browser-baser adventure for kids, based on the best-selling series of children’s books by Eevamaria Halttunen.

Players could sign up for free and then explore different countries of the world, following in young Petra’s footsteps as they learned about new cultures, mythologies, plants, animals, music and games. There was some time-travel thrown in too.

I was brought in to help make the site more entertaining for kids – taking an educational website that parents loved and adding more silliness to keep their sons and daughters involved. This meant writing a complete audit of the virtual world as it stood, then offering recommendations on everything from the sign-up process to the payment system to the level design and the wording of individual quests.

Over the following months, I worked with Eevamaria and her team in Helsinki to rewrite the game’s dialogue. I reckon we made it 83% sillier than before, and still just as informative. Happy parents, happy client, happy kids.

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