Lewis Hamilton: Secret Life

This was a huge adventure: an alternate reality game starring Lewis Hamilton and interweaving with his real life throughout the 2010 Formula 1 season.

It followed Lewis as he retrieved stolen works of art from thieves and illegal collectors – with the help of thousands of people around the world. It was all fiction, of course, but as a millionaire adrenaline-junkie and self-confessed ‘extreme athlete’, it’s a life Lewis wouldn’t mind having. Maybe he actually does…

Secret Life was one of the most engaging, interactive, and exciting games of 2010″


Told in a world-record nine languages simultaneously, the story unfolded across a broad range of media including video, websites, online games, mobile games, print, and live events in 12 cities around the world. I wrote and produced it while at nDreams.

The game was entirely free to play, sponsored by Reebok. Just look at the joy on the face of the winner at the grand finale.

“A fabulous example of how brands, talent and gameplay can come together to make a successful online gaming experience”


“An amazing example of the possibilities of alternate reality advertising”

Institute of Digital Innovation

“…A sign that ARGs might be evolving to appeal to a broader range of people”

Made by Many

“The possibilities in every aspect of games are limitless, though some developers could be accused of forgetting this from time to time. Not so nDreams… It’s been redefining both what a video game is and what a video game studio actually does.”

Develop magazine