Framed was a live-streamed, interactive murder mystery broadcast by the TV channel Alibi using Facebook Live.

In the story, a security guard is trapped in an art gallery with a dead body and has less than an hour to figure out whodunnit and clear his own name before the police turn up.

The audience were able to see everything from the lead character’s POV thanks to a head-mounted camera, and they could post messages and vote for what the lead character should do at key points of the story.

I wrote the script. Because of the interactive nature of the story, it had to be flexible and leave room for improvisation by Dan Ford, the voice of our security guard, while still guiding the audience to a satisfactory conclusion. And in the end, they actually did get the right answer.

The main purpose of the project was to generate buzz for Alibi and for a new TV show premiering that night – and it certainly grabbed the press’s attention. There was some great PR, with features in The Guardian, Evening Standard and TechRadar, plus mentions in The Express and The Mirror.

I also gave an extended interview about the whole thing on the Transmedia Podcast with Robert Pratten.