Coming soon…

I’ve been working on a few projects that haven’t been announced yet – but I’m desperate to talk about them, so here’s what I can say without blowing any NDAs.

I spent 2020 working part-time at Criterion as narrative lead on the next Need for Speed game. This one’s been kind of announced but it doesn’t have a title or official launch date yet.

Alongside that, I’ve been writing a new narrative VR game for Maze Theory. Again, this one’s already been mentioned in public so I don’t feel too guilty about revealing my involvement!

I’ve written a detailed game design document for a murder mystery game which would be amazing if it happened. It’s one of a slate of projects with a UK studio. Fingers crossed.

I did a bit of consultancy with the Secret Cinema crew about one of their forthcoming productions. It is, of course, secret.

And I spent a few months working with a Ukranian developer on the story of their forthcoming post-apocalyptic RPG. It’s still early days, but I reckon that one could be stunning.

I even wrote a new stage play which went into rehearsal in Brighton just as COVID hit. With a bit of luck, it will premiere in 2022 but let’s not count any chickens…